APAC Innovation Challenge


Life Transforming Technologies

Since its inception, Medtronic has always strived to bring the latest healthcare technology to doctors and patients around the world. In this category, we’re looking to partner with innovative medtech companies to accelerate the deployment of life transforming technologies across APAC at faster rates by leveraging our infrastructure and know-how.
How can we accelerate novel healthcare innovation and bring them to patients sooner?
Better Outcomes For All

A large proportion of the APAC population reside in emerging countries and cities (e.g. India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.). These markets are brimming with underserved communities that require new and innovative, value engineered products and/or digital solutions that are affordable and easy to deploy in the absence of a full healthcare infrastructure with limited patient awareness and diagnosis pathways.
How can we provide more equitable and accessible healthcare solutions tailored for Emerging Markets?
Experiences That Put People First

Patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals often face complex healthcare situations which can be simplified through digital solutions and innovative product designs. Potential areas to explore include healthcare professional training and education, patient experience improvement, disease management, care continuum, amongst others. Your solution should help them have a better experience and ultimately simplify healthcare for everyone.
How can we leverage new digital innovations to simplify healthcare for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals?
Insight Driven Care

In our increasingly connected world, patients are able to play greater roles in their own health and be more empowered in disease management. A connected healthcare ecosystem, personalized care, and smart disease management platforms will be essential building blocks in a data-enabled therapy approach in driving healthcare outcomes.
How might we drive personalized care in the future through data and design?

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